Monday, June 20, 2011

Okee Pokee

King of the Island of Gulp-em-Down
Was thought the finest young fellow in town
When he dressed in his best for the party.

Eighteenth wife of the mighty king
Loved her lord above everything
And dressed him up for the party.

Satins and silks the Queen did lack,
But she'd some red paint that looked well on black,
So she painted her lord and master's back
Before he went out to the party.

Crowns and stars, and ships with sails,
And flying dragons with curly tails--
"That's a dress," said the Queen, "that never fails
To charm all folks at a party."

So, painted up till he looked his best,
With pipe in mouth and feather in crest,
Okee-Pokee marched out without a coat or vest,
But yet in full dress, to the party.

(I cannot find my school book that has this poem. I hope this is the complete and unabridged version. Whenever I find my old school text, I will cross-check and make any changes that are required. -Peeves
Update-I found the school book today. I have updated the punctuation and the last two stanzas. I was delighted to finally find the book. -Peeves)


  1. Hey, I have waited long enough to ever hear this poem! Thanks Peeves!! ;)

  2. OMG, this was one of the weirdest and funniest poems in our textbooks, wasn't it?!!

  3. @vaibhav, you are welcome!

    @simplypallu, it certainly was! I have loved this poem since I learnt it for the first time in school. :)

  4. I was searching for this nostalgic and weirdly funny poem for quite some time until I stumbled upon your blog, courtesy google. Thanks Peeves for sharing it.

  5. Amit Deshpande, glad that you could enjoy it once more.

  6. You are the one....thanks a tone for sharing the poem. It is still my favourite poem. Thanks again!!!

  7. I am soooooooo glad that i found this poem. I remember having studied it in class 7 and to my greatest surprise i did remember the 1st 3 stanza´s. However i could not remember the last 2 and have now found it...... It´s surely a EUREKA moment for me !!!!!!!

    1. Glad that you found it. Amazing that you could remember half of the poem.

      One of the reasons I started this blog was for people like you to find the long-learnt and forgotten poems. I think my goal is achieved. :)

  8. What's the author's name?

    1. This poem has no author as it is an 'Anonymous' poem, we had this in the 7th standard & at end of the poem it was written 'Anonymous'.

    2. This poem has no author as it is an 'Anonymous' poem, we had this in the 7th standard & at end of the poem it was written 'Anonymous'.

  9. Many thanks. It was in my school book -- called the Blue or the Purple or the something Book of Poetry, which I read something like 65 years ago in Karachi, Pakistan. I am delighted that someone found it and had the kindness to put it on the web. Thanks again.

  10. Then only one I still remember..After 23 years..thanks

  11. There only poem I still remember after 22 years..thanks

  12. This poem never left me since around 20 years that I last studied I look up for it and found it. Thanks a lot for this!!

  13. Oh thank you so much!! :) I remembered the first three stanzas of the poem, and had been looking for the rest :) Was it in 7th std or 4th...? It was in the Balbharati book..

  14. Nostalgic.. thank you for sharing this funny poem..


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